In any given year, more than 500,000 young people participate in Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, Rotary Youth Exchange, and New Generations Service Exchange. These programs have made a positive difference in our world for decades. We’ve developed leaders through RYLA, built international understanding through Rotary Youth Exchange, and worked side-by-side with Interactors and Rotaractors to take action in our communities. But, just like Rotary, these programs have never received the recognition they deserve. Members of the public often don’t know about our programs, why they matter, and how they are connected to Rotary’s story.
Now our programs have a visual identity that makes that connection to Rotary more clear. When we talk about Interact, RYLA, Rotary Youth Exchange, and Rotaract, community members will know that these young leaders are connected to Rotary and that these clubs and programs are Rotary experiences. We hope our effort builds on the memories, positive feelings, and leadership skills you’ve developed and gives you new ways to share your story. After all, there is no better Rotary brand than you. You are Rotary’s values in action. You are our voice. And together we can share your Rotary experience with even more young leaders worldwide.
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