The container arrived Friday July 7th.  Thank you Thomas Gunawan for helping us with the framework and teaching Cristian Hall-Berges the best way to load the bikes.  Dennis Urbach for your time on Friday.  Carolina Berges for your organization along with Susan Cassan.  Peter Twynstra from the Rotary Club of Grand Bend for helping us with the understanding of how to pack a container to the brim.  Patrick Briscoe wow you worked so hard the whole day filling every nook and cranny in the container.  Ernesto Chahine and Ali Malayeri and the many other Rotarians and friends of Rotary that helped.  Dagmar and Ruben for preparing the food.  Todd McLeod for the backloader to move the heavy supplies.
What a day.  The weather cooperated.  The music was playing.  We even had Rotarians singing.  It was fellowship at its finest. 
Thank you Werner Humann for introducing us to a project of this nature. 
District 6330 Governor                                                                          August 30, 2015
Please see the attached letter regarding sending bicycles to a third world country.
Werner writes...I have never been involved in a project of this kind, however, our club feels it can be achievable. I hear nothing but difficulties with logistics and other problems of how to approach or find a ROTARY Club in “a third world country” which could assist us. Our intent is to find a club which would be interested in creating an Industry of repairing donated bicycles.
Over the years I have heard much about the shipping of wheelchairs to the third world which only have a four year life span. I have never been convinced by asking questions that there are good wheelchair repair facilities in that country.  If there is, however, this would be a perfect addition to create work and a livelihood for some people to gain a purpose in life for their family.
We feel at our club that proof of a positive interest is necessary for us to be convinced to go forward with this project.
Further more, I can see no problem to do this tenfold by involving a district.  We live in a country, where if the brakes on a bicycle don’t work, it could be the case of purchasing a NEW bike and discard the old one.
I think it would be a very positive idea to attract new members since it has all the elements
“ to make it a better world”
Werner Humann
Representing the Rotary Club of London East  
 “ ROTARY International Bike Project “