East Rotary Club London East is proud to announce:
“Wheels of Friendship for Progress”
We started this sustainable project to help youngsters in a third world country get a bicycle to attend school, and to create a Center for learning to maintain the bicycles.
Just recently we were blessed to find Rotary Club - Durbanville in Cape Town, South Africa, and BEN  BIKES (BIKE EMPOWERMENT NETWORK) http://www.benbikes.org.za/about.php,  an organization that has created 16 Empowerment Centers and trained 55 individuals in bicycle mechanics. Ben Bikes has distributed 22,000 bicycles donated by different countries.
Our Club already has 250 used bicycles, donated by the community as well as wheels, tires and other parts to almost fully load a 40 Ft. shipping container.
The great work of all our fellow London East Rotary Members and friends has taken the project to this point.  There is still work to be done and donations to be received!
We are aiming for Saturday, July 8th to load the container for shipment.  We are counting on the help of our members and friends that day.
This is where you come in!
There is still room for donations of another 25 used bikes; bicycle accessories such as cables, seats, baskets, bells etc.
Urgently needed: used bicycle helmets, especially for children.      
Cash donations welcome for our shipping costs. ($20 or more eligible for charitable tax receipt).
Call the number below to arrange drop off or pick up of donations.
Or, to volunteer your time from 8am-4pm, July 8, on loading day
Carolina Berges 226 927 5485
Thanks for your donations and help!