Hello Fellow Rotarians

After talking with Werner Humann a Rotarian for over 40 years, he brought to my attention something that I have not thought about. As a Rotarian and also a business person I find it hard to attend weekly Rotary Meetings. I keep thinking Tuesday at noon are the times of my Rotary meetings. What I forget to consider is the vast network of Rotary Clubs in London and Area. The fact that there are other clubs in London where I can attend a Rotary meeting....

Mondays I could attend a meeting at the London Convention Centre at 12:00 PM. Tuesday, if I can't make a meeting at noon, is it easier to attend a morning meeting at 7:30 AM at Village Pantry Restaurant in Lambeth? Or perhaps Wednesday a dinner meeting at 6 PM at East Side Marios. If by Thursday I still have not attended Rotary I could go to Westhaven Golf Course for 7:30 AM if it is the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Finally it's Friday, how about a breakfast meeting at Four Point Sheraton for 7:15 AM.

With all these times and places available to Rotarians in London. Why is it we are missing Rotary meetings each week?

Michelle De Ruiter (Rotarian since 2016)

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