Thank you Bob Black fromThe Rotary Club of London (Downtown), for sharing your Haiti Project.

The Rotary Club of London (Downtown), Ontario, under the leadership of John Eberhard, is expanding its existing generous support and partnership with the people of historic Aquin, Haiti. The Club has launched a multi-year, multi-club project to earn and win significant funds and contributions from all levels of Rotary International. For those who have never visited ...Haiti, Aquin is a city and commune of approx. 100,000 on the Caribbean seacoast, about three hours’ drive southwest of the capital Port-au-Prince. In an otherwise beautiful location, Aquin residents, farmers and fishermen are chronically poor, short of potable water and safe sanitation, and vulnerable to storms, floods, cholera, Zika, maternal and infant mortality.

To its credit, the city has a small Rotary club that John has ascertained is ready and willing to serve as local official host. Therefore, Rotary London members are visiting Canadian and American clubs this spring to explain the project – health, education, fishing, boat-building, mangoes, coffee, honeybees, vo-tech – and garner support to combine forces with Haitian Resource Development Foundation, based in Aquin, and other international donors such as the Kellogg Foundation, based in Michigan.