Rotary Club of London East delivered over 800 Dictionaries to 3rd Graders in London and Area!!!!!

“The Dictionary Project” was started over eleven years ago in South Carolina when Mary French set out to give a dictionary to every third grader in every school in South Carolina, every year.

The dictionaries are handpicked to fit the needs of young students learning to read and write.

The dictionary has larger print and is small enough for growing hands and contains most words that third graders use.

The 3rd grade was targeted because this is the age when children are beginning to learn the importance of words; in their speech and in their writing.

Having a dictionary of their own gives them ‘word power’ to write essays in later years, to read a book and understand it, and to function in the business world when they grow up.

It will also be a help to teachers and in doing homework.

It is not a children’s book, but one they can keep and use all their lives, helping them to become knowledgeable adults.