Bicycle Project

Bike Project

London East Rotary - El Dorado Rotary Club Bogota


"Bike project set back"


What does this mean?

Delay means time for a grant, our fundraising committee will apply (all applications must be complete by February 2017.


Why is there a delay?

The Rotary Club in Bogota was working with a school "Sena" to set up a course to repair and distribute bikes.

The teachers were organizing to help supplement payment for the shipping container from Cartagena to Bogota. 

We found out that the legal department is saying "they cannot do this".

The El Dorado Rotary Club will now fundraise and approach corporations to raise the $2500


Since we have more time, let's add more value to the project


1. Tool kits to repair a bicycle

2. Donation centre for tools

3. Elderly people not needing tools

4. Drive for more bicycles

5. Bicycle pumps

6. Bike helmets

7. Bicycle bells

8. Reflective tape


Let's continue to grow and organize this Bicycle Project.