Welcome to London East. (1955) Dist. 6330
David Wood, Harvard MBA, a man with deep roots in London, developed his winning formula by transforming a failing plastics company in the '60's.  He has since reinvigorated other organizations.  His message is particularly important at this point when we are watching major societal conflict erupting.
He says:
Please invite friends and family to hear David speak to us via Zoom at our regular lunch meeting on September 8. 
Benjamin is studying to be a Health Officer in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
He wants to help South Sudan with health programs.
When the market shuts down for Covid, there is nowhere to go for light to study. We provided two solar powered lamps for Joseph and Hamad.
Joseph Daud
Hamad Nocha
Rotary London East/MGYF helped Hamed Nocha with texts.  Hamed is studying at home now, but looking forward to going back to college in Ethiopia.
Another student needs texts to study at home while the pandemic has closed the schools.  Joseph Moma is studying Law.  He wants to help South Sudan establish its judicial system.  
Although students in Africa cannot attend school, they are studying at home.  To do so, they need texts.  This is Daud Koka, who is studying Agriculture.  He wants to help farmers make their fields more productive in South Sudan.
Members of Rotary Club London East, with the help the cyber savvy among them, enjoy a noon hour Zoom meeting!
Last year, Lorrie identified a school in East London that could use some help.  Her first move was to recruit some helpers and spruce up the landscaping on the school property.  
President Bonnie Hudson and Sila Joshua sign an agreement to collect a pool of money from Club members and interested friends to support young people from South Sudan who are working on a college education.  These young people will use their skills to help build South Sudan, the world's newest country.  
As well as a financial donation from our Club to the Toys for Tots project, Deb, Bonnie (wearing the Rotary Participation shades!) and Susan Cassan joined armed forces volunteers to fill Santa bags with new gifts for children ages 3 to 13.  

Our Newest Member 

For years Deb has been part of our club as a Rotarian Spouse.  Her husband Mike has since passed away but Deb's passion for Rotary has continued.  On October 2nd 2019, Deb became an official Rotary Member of The London East Rotary Club.  We are so happy to officially have you as a member of our club now Deb!!!!

East Coast Kitchen Party


Table #1 - Rotarians....Susan Cassan, Bonnie Hudson, Eva Ryten, Jim Gill, Michelle De Ruiter and guests.
Table #2 - Rotarians....Svetlana MacDonald, Patrick Briscoe, Bob Mann and guests. 
Table #3 - Shirley Anderson, Bill George, Camillia Larouche and guests.

Internet Privacy and Security

Thank you Arthur Majoor for the information on internet privacy and security.

Look up programs like Ghostery or Brave. Clear your cache and cover up your camera. Keep private. You are being watched and tracked.

Limit time on facebook and social media.

Thank you Kathrin Campbell for working our club members through some exercises during the meeting today.  Core strength is so important and so is flexibility. 
Home Page News

Rotary Club of London East delivered over 800 Dictionaries to 3rd Graders in London and Area!!!!!

“The Dictionary Project” was started over eleven years ago in South Carolina when Mary French set out to give a dictionary to every third grader in every school in South Carolina, every year.

The dictionaries are handpicked to fit the needs of young students learning to read and write.

The dictionary has larger print and is small enough for growing hands and contains most words that third graders use.

The 3rd grade was targeted because this is the age when children are beginning to learn the importance of words; in their speech and in their writing.

Having a dictionary of their own gives them ‘word power’ to write essays in later years, to read a book and understand it, and to function in the business world when they grow up.

It will also be a help to teachers and in doing homework.

It is not a children’s book, but one they can keep and use all their lives, helping them to become knowledgeable adults.



Bicycle Project

Bike Project

London East Rotary - El Dorado Rotary Club Bogota


"Bike project set back"


What does this mean?

Delay means time for a grant, our fundraising committee will apply (all applications must be complete by February 2017.


Why is there a delay?

The Rotary Club in Bogota was working with a school "Sena" to set up a course to repair and distribute bikes.

The teachers were organizing to help supplement payment for the shipping container from Cartagena to Bogota. 

We found out that the legal department is saying "they cannot do this".

The El Dorado Rotary Club will now fundraise and approach corporations to raise the $2500


Since we have more time, let's add more value to the project


1. Tool kits to repair a bicycle

2. Donation centre for tools

3. Elderly people not needing tools

4. Drive for more bicycles

5. Bicycle pumps

6. Bike helmets

7. Bicycle bells

8. Reflective tape


Let's continue to grow and organize this Bicycle Project.



Sila Joshua (2021-22)
Rotary Club of London East President, Sila Joshua welcomes you to our Club. We have a dynamic, fun club with much to offer. We are looking for business and community leaders to join our organization and make a difference to the many people we serve. Where would our community be without volunteers like you? Join us for lunch and find out why Rotary has grown to 1.2 million members worldwide.
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